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The LHL Hospital at Gardermoen

The LHL Hospital Gardermoen is a patient-friendly and pleasant hospital where patients and family members can easily find their way around and quickly settle in for their stay. Treatment is offered in a calm and warm environment that makes for a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

All our services are defined by high professional standards and first-rate medical quality. We offer assessment, rehabilitation and follow-up for patients with many different needs. We want our patients to be satisfied and feel well looked after.

Treatments offered

We offer assessment and treatment of heart and lung diseases, as well as rehabilitation provision for heart, lung and cancer patients. In addition, we provide sleep assessment, assessments in the field of sports medicine and various surgical procedures. These include orthopaedic surgery, bariatric surgery, hernia procedures, varicose vein procedures and reconstructive plastic surgery. We also treat patients who have not received treatment within the governmental treatment deadlines and patients with private health insurance. Many of the services we provide are offered as outpatient services, but for some hospital admission is required. Several of the assessments and treatments we provide are also approved as an option under the choice-of-treatment centre scheme in the specialist health service.

The hospital has ample windows in all rooms, with plenty of light and a view of the surrounding nature. Combined with the high ceilings, this creates a sense of spaciousness and an inviting ambience. There is a coffee bar, a sitting room with a fireplace and recreational areas where you can take relaxing breaks during your time with us.

The LHL Hospital is an allergy-friendly and non-smoking hospital. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas and the use of perfumed products is not permitted.

Welcome to LHL Hospital Gardermoen

Management Team

Mari Larsen

Mari Larsen

Assistant Secretary General (Organizational Affairs)

Phone: +47 977 30 302


Rune Hagerup

Rune Hagerup

Assistant Secretary General (Financial Affairs)

Phone: +47 930 15 024


Jane Castro

Jane Castro

Managing Director LHL Hospital Gardermoen & LHL Clinics

Phone: 402 26 391


Within each medical area and specialization, LHL has core teams of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Since LHL is a non-profit organization, with an attractive work environment profile. Therefore LHL has a stable, highly qualified medical team.

Medical Team