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Important message

Capable Medical Professionals

LHL’s surgeons provide for a wide range of modern surgical services with excellent results.

Almost all types of surgery are performed in Norway. Improvements have been achieved through national programs and population-based registries have served as instrumental tools (eg, for cancer surgery). About 1 in every 5 general surgeons holds a PhD degree, with an even greater number for some subspecialties (30%-40% have PhD degrees).

LHL has a professional medical team and an experienced management team. The compensation level in LHL is much higher than its competitors which ensures that LHL could provide one of the best medical services. Every year, LHL would recruit staff through a well-established network of professionals globally.

European study shows a 7% decrease in mortality rates per 10% of nurses that have a bachelor degree. In Norway 100% of the nurses have bachelor’s degree. LHL has in their nurse staff approx. 50% with Master degree in addition.

The LHL Hospital is since 2013 ISO certified according to standard NS-ISO 9001:2015 (International Organization for Standardization - iso.org). This is an important part of our quality regime.

Management Team

Mari Larsen

Mari Larsen

Assistant Secretary General (Organizational Affairs)

Phone: +47 977 30 302


Rune Hagerup

Rune Hagerup

Assistant Secretary General (Financial Affairs)

Phone: +47 930 15 024


Jane Castro

Jane Castro

Managing Director LHL Hospital Gardermoen & LHL Clinics

Phone: 402 26 391