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Vi har åpent for fysisk oppmøte, og følger retningslinjene for smittevern.

Se vår temaside om koronavirus.

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Characteristic Healthcare System

As much as 84% of health care in Norway is covered through tax revenues. All in-hospital care is provided free of charge, and in principle, all other necessary health care is also free, with a minimal fee for out-of-hospital services.

The medical environment of Norway is magnificent and it has the most modern healthcare system that government would cover all medical expenses for its citizens which benefits the development of medical technology as well.

The Norwegian healthcare system is currently organized in 4 geographical health trusts owned by the government. While the 19th and 20th centuries saw a focus on decentralized specialized care with development of many smaller hospitals all over the country, focus has shifted toward centralized functions, affecting hospital structure, population catch areas, patient autonomy, and medical training, in particular for surgery

Health expenditure per capita in 2017 ($):