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Vi har åpent for fysisk oppmøte, og følger retningslinjene for smittevern.

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During your stay - facilities

LHL Hospital Gardermoen is a state-of-the-art hospital, with a wide range of facilities that you can enjoy as a patient or relative.

Download our brochure LHL-hospital-Gardermoen_en.pdf

Seating groups and social zones

Indoors there are many offers for both patients and relatives. There are social zones with seating groups in several places in the building.

As an extra offer for children and young people, we also have a separate youth room and playroom on the 1st floor.

Quiet room for peace and thought

A religious and philosophical space for contemplation, prayer and reflection.

Hotel for patients and relatives

Please contact the reception at gard.hotelbooking@lhl.no to book a room.

Relatives can be accommodated at the hotel. Price for room including breakfast, NOK 1 195,- per day. 


There are four meals served each day. The main reservation takes place in the buffet area on the 1st floor. In addition, patients are offered dining on the bedposts.

The buffet area is open from 07:00 to 21:00 on weekdays, and from 08:00 to 21:00 on weekends and holidays. Meals are served at certain times, but the seats will be available throughout the opening hours.

Coffee shop and kiosk

Next to the reception is a coffee shop and kiosk. Here you can purchase various coffee drinks, sandwiches, cakes, soft drinks, snacks, magazines, personal hygiene products and various promotional products.

Open all days from 08.00-22.00


In the hospital there are a number of facilities that are used in connection with rehabilitation. These rooms will also be available for free use at certain times. For more information, contact the reception or read the information screens surrounding the building.

The training offers include:

  • Thermal Baths
  • Weight room
  • Cardio fitness room
  • Spinning room
  • Yoga room

Hiking and recreational opportunities

In the hospital area there is a footpath with benches and a play area for the youngest.

Only 800 meters from the hospital lies a landscape area, a hiking area with varied and exciting plant and birdlife. From the hospital and around the area there is a walkway. This is designed for both wheelchair and baby carriage. It is also possible to make use of other hiking trails that are linked to the walkway. These trails will take you into the surrounding forest area.