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Treatment in Norway – Just a flight away

LHL Hospital Gardermoen

Excellent healthcare, quality of patient service, efficiency and a stunning northern European location make Norway a popular health care destination for patients seeking surgery and treatment.

LHL Hospital Gardermoen (2018) is the most modern and accessible hospital in Norway and available for worldwide patients. Location: 10 minutes' drive from Oslo Airport.

LHL Hospital Gardermoen is built and designed to make the patients feel safe, appreciated and taken care of. This is an excellent place to be treated, and to get well.

Welcome to LHL Hospital Gardermoen

Management Team

Mari Larsen

Mari Larsen

Assistant Secretary General (Organizational Affairs)

Phone: +47 977 30 302


Rune Hagerup

Rune Hagerup

Assistant Secretary General (Financial Affairs)

Phone: +47 930 15 024


Siri Skumlien

Siri Skumlien

Managing Director LHL Hospital Gardermoen

Phone: +47 938 95 390


Within each medical area and specialization, LHL has core teams of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Since LHL is a non-profit organization, with an attractive work environment profile. Therefore LHL has a stable, highly qualified medical team.

Medical Team