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Through an interdisciplinary examination, we ensure the most accurate diagnosis. The examination may in some cases result in a diagnosis requiring surgery. In this case you will receive guidance and offers for further follow-up and treatment.

At the LHL Hospital Gardermoen you get professional help from our highly experienced orthopedic surgeons.

All our surgeons have general orthopedic expertise in addition to expertise in hand, foot, knee, back, hip and shoulder.


Orthopaedic surgery
– hip joint replacement, knee joint replacement, Knee Arthroscopy, Spinal fixation, lumbar and neck decompression.

– spinal fusion, laminectomy, discectomy, lumbar decompression,  PLDD

– Angiogram, Angioplasty, CABG, Valve replacements, Minimal invasive aortic replacement, Varices.

General surgery
– hernias, gallbladder

Plastic surgery
– postbariatric surgery, reconstruction  surgery

– Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, MRI, CT, Health Check Ups.

Vascular surgery
– Varicose vein, Aortic Aneurysms, Intermittent Claudictatio.