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Nipple reconstruction(2)(3)

If you have reconstructed breast as a result of breast cancer, we can make a nipple on the new breast using your own tissue. Once the new nipple is in place, we tattoo the perimeter to make it as authentic as possible.

Resposible doctor:
Ingeborg Rydningen

If you have health insurance covering the treatment, please contact your insurance company and inform that you will be treated at the LHL Hosptial Gardermoen.

Before the procedure

Reconstruction of the nipple is a minor surgical procedure and requires no preparation.

You come to us in the morning and can go home the same day.

About the procedure

You get local anesthesia and are awake during surgery.

We use the skin that is on the chest to make the nipple.

The skin we use to make the nipple is basically flat. Eventually it will contract and shrink. Therefore, it may take some time before you see the final result.

The procedure itself takes about an hour and you can go home right after the procedure.

After the procedure

After surgery, you should apply a protective bandage. The bandage helps prevent pressure on the nipple. You should also use a good support bra that is not too tight.

As a rule, there is no pain associated with the procedure and you probably do not need pain medication after the procedure.

Home again

You should avoid shower the first week. After a week you can shower as usual, but it is important to allow the scar to air dry.

Between eight and twelve weeks after surgery you come to us to get tattooed color around the nipple so that both breasts are as similar as possible. This is a short-term procedure that we do with local anesthesia.

All surgery leaves scars to varying degrees. Avoid direct sunlight on the scar after the bandage has been removed. Use sunscreen with a high SPF if you stay in the sun.

Follow-up and control

Between eight and twelve weeks after the procedure, you'll get an appointment to controll and follow-up. Usually we do the controll while tattooing the nipple.

Any complications

All surgery is associated with the risk of complications. The risk of reconstructing the nipple is considered to be relatively small. However, it is important that you follow the advice and restrictions you get in connection with the procedure.