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Corruption is a topic that is high on the agenda of both the Norwegian authorities and development aid actors.

LHL International defines corruption as “abuse of power in trusted positions for personal gain”. This means that corruption has a broad scope and encompasses more than just financial irregularities.

Corruption hinders economic growth and undermines confidence in democratic processes and political systems. Resources do not reach their intended destination and therefore do not contribute to improving the living conditions for the intended target groups.

Zero tolerance for corruption

LHL International has zero tolerance for all forms of corruption. At the same time, we know that we are operating in countries that rank high on the scale of corruption. This is a reality we must deal with; we therefore see the importance of working systematically

  • at the policy level
  • with prevention and control
  • with good management of suspicious and actual irregularities

It is essential that all of the parties involved have a common understanding of what corruption is, and that we both formally and informally convey the requirements on which the zero tolerance principle is based in the form of conduct and the duty to notify in the event of suspicion. Creating greater awareness of the topic internally in our own organisation, and externally with our partners, takes place through dilemma training and discussions.

Good systems are essential

An important part of our anti-corruption work is to ensure that our partners have good systems and internal routines. We monitor our partners closely through our follow-up work so that we can follow the progress of the projects and the administrative management of funds.

Our anti-corruption work is an opportunity to strength both our organisation and our partner organisations, and we view our work to fight corruption as a continuous, comprehensive process to promote a good organisational culture, good financial management, good leadership and good development.

Anonymous and confidential

LHL International has zero tolerance for corruption. It is important that such circumstances are identified quickly, and we therefore encourage anyone who suspects corruption to notify us.

All the matters that are reported will be treated confidentially. Whoever notifies us is entitled to remain anonymous, but it will make the investigation and clarification of the matters easier if the person in question states his/her name and contact information. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept confidential.

Do you suspect corruption?

If you do, you can use one of the following whistleblowing channels:

Read more about whistleblowing policy here.