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Foto: John Wollwerth / Shutterstock

Give your contribution to the fight against tuberculosis

The World Health Organisations latest report demonstrates that tuberculosis is the infectious disease that takes the most lives worldwide. Please support us in helping those who need it most.

The latest report from the World Health Organisation, published in November, ranks tuberculosis as the infectious disease that takes the most lives worldwide. Help us help those who need it most.


For two years, the doctors thought that Usman (10) only suffered from a mere cold. It turned out he had contagious TB in the lungs.

The poor and vulnerable suffers the most from tuberculosis, like little Usman in the photo above. He is ten years old and live in Sudan, and he is in the clinic with his mother. He has been ill for the past two years, and the doctors thought he only had a cold. He eventually became so ill he was sent to hospital. There they discovered he had contagious lung TB. Finally, he could get treatment that made him well enough to start school.

Usman's story is unfortunately not unique . TB is a disease surrounded by myths, misconceptions and stigma causing many people to die without even knowing they had TB. LHL International is working to increase the knowledge about TB. Your support will contribute to more patients getting an early diagnosis, and thereby recovering quicker and avoiding transmission of the disease. Your contribution saves lives!

If you would like to help TB patients like Usman, donate a Christmas gift to account no: 1503 33 09462, or give 200 kr by sending an SMS to 2490 containing the code word TB.

Thank you for helping fight one of the deadliest diseases in the world!