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State-of–the-art treatment of tuberculosis in Arkhangelsk

LHL International and partners in Arkhangelsk, Russia, receives very positive feedback after recent external evaluation. The report document that the cooperation has had an enormous impact on TB control in the Arkhangelsk region.

"Arkhangelsk region has accumulated state-of-the-art experiences in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. These experiences are worth studying by other Russian regions" , the report concludes.

The evaluation team together with Director of the Easy Breathing Charity Fund, Arkhangelsk.
From the left: Dr. Vladimir Stakhanov, Dr. Nina Nizovtseva (EB Fund) and Mr. Dmitry Titkov (team leader).

The cooperation between LHL International and our partners has been ongoing for many years, however the evaluation reviewed achievements of the latest collaborative program, "Stop TB in North West Russia in our lifetime" funded by Norwegian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

"Above all it should be noted that Arkhangelsk region has become one of the most advanced Russian regions in terms of reduction of TB related mortality and morbidity both in the civil and in the prison sector, and in terms of implementation of up-to-date treatment regiments, including treatment of MDR-TB, and new technology and approaches in TB prevention."

The report: "Evaluation report. Norwegian-Russian cooperation programme" is available in English and in Russian and may be downloaded here:

You may also read about the collaboration on one of our partners (Easy Breathing Charity Fund) webpage: (English and Russian).