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Teaching materials with films about tuberculosis

LHL International has, in cooperation with the Somali organisations SOEEG (Somali Eagle Eyed Group) and Forente Somaliske Kvinner, Vestre Viken Hosptial Trust and the Municipality of Drammen, developed a training program with teaching materials about TB.

In Norway today, there is lack of knowledge about TB, both among people in risk groups for TB and health personnel. Because of this, symptoms of TB are often not recognised, and cases of TB are discovered late in their course. In addition, there are many myths and much fear related to TB, something which makes it difficult for people who are affected by the disease. Therefore, LHL International and cooperating partners have developed a training program that is adapted to the needs of the target groups.

The training program can be used for teaching at introduction centres, asylum camps and other arenas where people in risk groups can be reached, in order to enable them to seek health care it they experience symptoms.

Films about tuberculosis 

The program includes two films about TB; one animated film and one film with interviews with former patients

The animated film explains in a simple way the basic medical facts about TB and TB treatment.


In the film with interviews, three former patients tell their stories: about falling ill with TB and the fear they experienced in this situation, their encounter with the health system and the long treatment period, and about getting cured. They also tell about how they use their illness experiences positively after they have become cured.


Skjermbilde film.JPG

The content of the training program

  • Films about TB in several languages
  • Electronic presentation with facts about TB and the health system
  • Manuscript for the electronic presentation
  • Sheet with frequently askes questions and answers
  • Tasks for group work
  • Manual with stepwise instruction on how to organise a training session

You can download the teaching materials here