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Photo: Ole Morten Melgård

Arkhangelsk oblast (county)

Arkhangelsk oblast is one of Russia’s 49 counties, with a population of approximately 1,300,000. HIV and tuberculosis are an increasing problem.

The tuberculosis programme in Arkhangelsk has worked a great deal to involve various entities that are relevant to tuberculosis control. Medical follow-up, good information, research on the topic and social support and follow-up are all components that are important to preventing the spread of tuberculosis and for ensuring those who contract the disease recover. A great deal of effort is also made to reduce the stigma.

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During the past year, the AIDS Centre in Arkhangelsk has become a partner in the tuberculosis programme. HIV and tuberculosis are an increasing problem, and it is therefore important to involve those who are working with HIV in the fight against tuberculosis.

In 2015, this cooperation was expanded to other areas in Northwest Russia. St. Petersburg and Komi are now included in the programme. A special effort will be made here concerning health communication among publicly employed health workers and coordination with the prison sector.

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The Children’s Sanatorium in Arkhangelsk is also an important partner. The emphasis here is on social and psychosocial support for children and their parents.

Visit the website of the Ministry of Health in the Arkhangelsk region (website only in Russian).