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Atlas Alliance

The Atlas Alliance is a foundation that organises Norwegian organisations supporting people with disabilities, patients and their families, who work for better living conditions for people with disabilities in countries in the South.

There are 17 Norwegian organisations in the Atlas Alliance, representing a total of over 350,000 people in Norway. In addition, the Alliance has a cooperation agreement with three organisations.

It is the organisations themselves who manage the aid projects, based on their experience and expertise, in cooperation with their local partners. The Atlas Alliance secretariat coordinates and provides quality assurance for the organisations’ projects, and it is a common voice for and promoter of the rights of people with disabilities, both financially, in relation to Norad, and politically, in relation to the Storting and the Government.

People with disabilities and those suffering from tuberculosis are often the poorest and most marginalised in the countries in which the Atlas Alliance works. Both groups can experience exclusion from social benefits, health services, education, etc., and they are exposed to extensive stigmatisation.

Today there are over a billion people with disabilities in the world, and many of these people experience great difficulties in their daily life.

The situation is worst in the poor countries, poverty creates disabilities due to malnutrition, untreated sores and disease, among other things. Disabilities also often lead to poverty.

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