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Easy Breathing Charity Fund

The Easy Breathing Fund is a Russian civil societal actor that is specialised in work to fight tuberculosis.

Through the Easy Breathing Fund, LHL International also has agreements on cooperation with the public health service, including the tuberculosis hospital in the City of Arkhangelsk and the associated regional hospital, as well as the University in Arkhangelsk and the prison authorities in the Arkhangelsk County.

The strength of the Fund lies in their ability to coordinate tuberculosis work among various authorities. They have expertise in both the medical aspects of the disease and the social challenges within the system. The Fund works a great deal with reducing stigma, spreading good information, acting as a spokesperson for patients and providing measures that can ensure that patients complete their treatment.

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The Fund offers various activities for the patients, such as computer training, languages and needlework. They also provide food support for certain patient groups that are in a particularly vulnerable situation.

The Easy Breathing Fund has a good overview of the needs in the various districts, and they conduct certain surveys and analyses that are important for the structure of the programme.

The fund closely follows up its various partners. They guide, coordinate and initiate measures where needed and where they have the capacity to provide relief at a social level.

Visit the website of Easy Breathing here (website only in Russian).