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Epi-Lab is an independent research institute that tests different health system models related to tuberculosis, HIV and various diseases that are not contagious, such as diabetes and asthma.

Epi-Lab also researches public health questions such as the right to health for everyone.

They are cooperating with REACH Trust in Malawi and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on a joint project to make treatment more readily accessible to the patients. The project is being tested out in parallel in Sudan and Malawi. In addition to the scientific results, one of the aims is to build a bridge between research institutions in the South.

Epi-Lab consists of 15 researchers and a number of part-time employees. The organisation is a partner of both the Union and the WHO (Union and WHO Collaboration Centre).

Epi-Lab is headed by Dr. Asma El Sony, who previously headed the National Tuberculosis Programme in Sudan.

LHL International has worked together with Epi-Lab since 2005, both with the development of models for the health system and with the organisational development of Epi-Lab as an institution.

Epi-Lab is being increasingly used by international actors such as the UNDP and national authorities for the development of health system models that can be implemented in the country and act as a model for the rest of the region.

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