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In But Free

In But Free (IBF) is a small organisation that has worked with the prevention of HIV in Zambian prisons since 1995.

The organisation consists of physicians and public health experts who work voluntarily to improve the living conditions and health of the inmates.

IBF is an important actor in several advisory bodies in Zambia. They have published several research articles and are well-recognised by the prison authorities. Among other things, they have been an important contributor to the preparation of a guidance document for the treatment of HIV in prisons. The document was recently adopted by the Zambian authorities.

In addition to research work, In But Free is involved in information work and the training of both prison employees and inmates. Giving the inmates responsibility and showing respect, as well as the opportunity to act as peers to other inmates, is an innovative measure that In But Free, LHL International and the prisons in the province of Copperbelt in Zambia have great faith in.

In But Free also creates forums for various actors that are involved in the prisons, and they are concerned about openness and a reduction of stigma related to tuberculosis and HIV.

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Photo of women from In But Free

In But Free is a rights-based organisation that believes that inmates who have been punished by the courts should not be punished twice by becoming infected with diseases while serving their sentences. Inmates are entitled to protection from HIV and tuberculosis.

LHL International has cooperated with IBF through CHEP since 2012, and we signed a partnership agreement with them in 2015.

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