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Kaalmo health organisation

Kaalmo is a humanitarian aid organisation that works with health, especially tuberculosis, in North Somalia and Norway.

Kaalmo and LHL International have in recent years cooperated on several activities aimed at people with a Somali background in Norway. We have worked on the development of written information materials on tuberculosis, outreach information activities at places where Somalis meet in Oslo, Somali radio and Somali websites, among other things.

We also have a tradition of jointly marking World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March.

In Somalia, Kaalmo works, for example, with vaccinations, education of health personnel, upgrading of hospitals, delivery of medicines and equipment, as well as the distribution of information about tuberculosis to patients and the public.

Kaalmo also works with mother-child health in North Somalia. The goal is to reduce maternal and infant mortality in this part of Somalia. The organisation cooperates with a local partner and a local hospital, and is involved in reinforcing the competence of midwives who have little health training.

During the period from 2012 to 2014, Kaalmo has trained 15 midwives annually.

Kaalmo also focuses on agriculture and biodiversity, and they are in the process of surveying needs and potential partners in North Somalia. Kaalmo will also work to ensure sustainable utilisation of the water resources for agriculture and for clean drinking water.

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