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Ministry of Health and Care Services (MHCS)

The Ministry of Health and Care Services (MHCS) is headed by the Minister of Health and Care Services and has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the population in Norway has good, equitable health and care services.

In addition they administer, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a grant scheme for Norwegian-Russian cooperation projects. The cooperation projects shall contribute to promoting the goals of the Barents Health and Social Cooperation Programme: 5th Framework Programme for Cooperation on Health and Related Social Issues in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, 2016-2020, and The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS).

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The main priorities are to:

  • prevent and control infectious and non-infectious diseases
  • prevent lifestyle-related risk factors to promote the health of the population
  • develop the primary health service, public health and social services

Both tuberculosis control and prison health are important goals of the Barents cooperation, and the Ministry of Health and Care Services has been an important source of financing and partner for LHL International in this work.

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