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Research Centre REACH Trust

REACH Trust is a research centre in Malawi, established in 2000, which works to ensure rapid diagnosis and treatment for patients with tuberculosis and HIV.

REACH Trust functions as a liaison between the public health service and the local community, and the aim of research is to make health services more readily accessible for the poorest and most vulnerable in the population. An important part of this is to look at how we can strengthen the public health service with the resources that are available, both human and economic.

REACH Trust is located in Lilongwe and has just under 30 employees.

REACH Trust cooperates with the Epi-Lab in Sudan and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on a joint project to make treatment of tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis and COPD more readily accessible to patients.

They are also taking a closer look at the degree to which people with disabilities are affected by lung diseases, and how this affects their lives.

The project is being tested out in parallel in Sudan and Malawi. In addition to the scientific results, one of the aims is to build a bridge between research institutions in the South.

REACH Trust originated from research cooperation between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in England and the University of Malawi. The focus has always been on building up a local research capacity that can meet current and future needs in the Malawi health service for public health research, including:

  • development of models for the delivery of health services
  • better cooperation between the public health service and the rest of society
  • better understanding of economic and social challenges related to public health problems such as tuberculosis, HIV and non-contagious lung diseases

Researchers at REACH Trust are increasingly participating in the international fora for research on public health issues, such as the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Tuberculosis (STAG-TB) in Geneva.

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