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Inheritances and memorial donations

Testamentary gifts and memorial donations are important contributions in the effort to prevent the further spread of tuberculosis and provide proper treatment to more people.

More and more people are choosing to give memorial donations to a charitable cause to honour a close relative or friend. LHL International’s memorial donations are a good alternative to the traditional flowers.

A memorial donation can spread joy and gratitude for a long time. In addition to honouring a fellow human being, a good friend or a close family member, you know that your gift will give new hope to seriously ill people. Your contribution may be decisive for whether someone who has tuberculosis receives proper treatment in time.

As the next of kin, you can encourage others to give a memorial donation to LHL International instead of flowers. You can provide information about this at the bottom of the death notice, perhaps along with LHL International’s bank account number.

LHL International will subsequently publish a thank you notice in the local press for the memorial donations that have been received. We will also send condolences to the next of kin with a list of donors.

Testamentary gifts

We have enormous respect for those who choose to make LHL International a beneficiary in their own last will and testament. Whether you leave a specific amount or all or part of your assets in your will, it is an important contribution in the fight against tuberculosis. We promise that the money you give will be used to fight the disease in the most vulnerable parts of the world. It saves lives.

The assistance of a lawyer is not required to draft a last will and testament, but it is not unusual that mistakes are made without such assistance. LHL International will therefore pay the legal fee to draft a last will and testament in which LHL International is made a beneficiary, so that everyone can rest assured that everything is done properly.

Are you considering making a last will and testament? We have prepared a guide booklet that may perhaps help you.

Download the booklet here

Do you have any questions? We will gladly answer you. Get in touch.