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Photo: Christopher Olssøn

Rehabilitation at The LHL SKIBOTN Clinics in Norway

The LHL clinics represent world-class knowledge about medical rehabilitation for patients with heart,  lung and other chronic diseases. 

The LHL Skibotn Clinic

The LHL Skibotn Clinic is located in an area known for its unique climatic qualities, popular for centuries due to its location by the fjord, by the mountains and in an area with Lappish culture and traditions.

It is also located 350 km north of the Arctic circle, which means that in the summer, visitors can experience the midnight sun, and in the winter, the area is exceptional for Northern Lights, or "Aurora Borealis".

The Skibotn model

The Skibotn model: In our well-established and trusted rehabilitation model for lung and heart patients, we focus on the four life style factors we can control; stress management, physical activities, smoking and nutrition.