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Photo: Christopher Olssøn

In charge of the program

Mrs. Stine Jakobsson Strømsø, managing director of the LHL clinic in Skibotn, political scientist by profession. Mrs. Strømsø has an extensive background in management and has successfully run both projects and institutions.

Mr. Henning Kristoffersen, project manager, social anthropologist by profession. Mr. Kristoffersen has been director of international relations at BI Norwegian Business School, director of public affairs in DNV – Det Norske Veritas, and director the Nordic Centre at Fudan University in Shanghai. He has lived and worked in China for several years and has extensive experience from working with Norway-China projects.

Chinese staff

Medical doctor who follows the patients from the airport in Beijing.

Translator with special knowledge on the cultural gap between Norway and China. Follows the patients from Gardermoen and through the rehabilitation process.

Chef and guide for the kitchen staff at the LHL clinic in Skibotn in order to serve our Chinese guests nutritious and also a familiar diet.

Medical staff at Skibotn

Mrs. Maria Arlén Larsen, MD, chief doctor at the LHL clinic's in Skibotn. Has long term experience with heart and lung disease, is finishing her PhD-paper in obesity research. Dr Larsen is a proficient doctor with a great "bed side manner".

Mrs. Tonje Forsmo, physical therapist with special focus on lung disease. Currently studies to become a psychomotorically physical therapist. Mrs. Forsmo has special focus on the mental health issues witch often arises for patients with chronic illness.

Mr. Ulrik Vik Nakken, physical therapist with special focus on heart disease. Also education in rehabilitation on MA-level. Mr Nakken is enthusiastic and loves to inspire patients to increase their capacity.

Mr. Ole Dragland, chief psychologist at the LHL clinics in Skibotn. Has experience with psychological problems in relation to long term illness such as heart and lung disease. Mr Dragland is invested in giving the patients the skills to live with debilitating illness.

Mrs. Gro Jørgensen, nurse with special skills related to public health. Much experience both with heart and lung disease. Mrs Jørgensen has a lifetime worth of experience with heart and lung disease and is invested in giving the patients a great and individual approach.