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Program and itinerary

Se the general itinerary for the rehabilitation and download a more detailed plan.

General itinerary:

Day 1 Travel Flight to Oslo, Gardermoen
Day 2 Restitution Including sight seeing in Oslo city centre
Day 3 Testing At our facilities close to Oslo (spirometry and high intensity ECG)
Day 4 Travel Travel from Oslo, Gardermoen to Tromsø, with car from Tromsø airport Langnes to Skibotn
Day 5-15 Rehabilitation Activity-based rehabilitation at the LHL clinic in Skibotn
Day 16 Travel Travel with car from Skibotn to Skjervøy, with Hurtigruten to Tromsø and from there by air to Oslo, Gardermoen
Day 17 Travel Return from Oslo

You can find a more detailed preliminary itinerary for the rehabilitation here (download PDF).