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Why quit smoking?

  • Find out your motivation to quit smoking
  • Share experiences with others
  • Practical and mental preparations to quit smoking
  • Measures to endure after you have quit smoking
  • Support and encouragement from others 
  • You learn strategies to stay smoke free

Health effects of quitting smoking

  • After 20 minutes; your pulse reduces
  • After 8 hours: the blood circulation increases
  • After 24 hours: the risks of a heart attack reduces
  • After 48 hours: your sense of smell and taste increases
  • After 78 hours: your lung capacity increases and your body is free of nicotine
  • After 2 – 12 weeks: it's easier to move quickly because your lung capacity and blood circulation is better
  • After 1-9 months: you are less in risk of lung infections and the cilia's recover
  • After 3-9 months: your breathing ability increases and the cough lessens
  • After 1 year: your immune response is strengthened
  • After 2-4 years: the risk of heart disease and stroke is dramatically reduced
  • After 10 years: your risk of developing lung cancer is reduced by 50 %, and this includes other types of cancer diseases and the risks will decrease over the following years
  • After 15 years: your risk of a heart attack is at the same level as a person who has never smoked