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Spreke medlemmer i LHL Transplantert på tur

LHL Transplantert

LHL Transplantert is an organisation within LHL for those who have recieved a heart- or/and lungs, those who are waiting to get a transplant, and their next of kin. 

LHL Transplantert was founded in 1987 by a handful of heart transplanted people. Later the lungtransplanted was incorporated as well. 

Here is a little information of our work. 

Our interest group wish to be fellow humans first and most, and share our experiences between us all. Through LHL Transplantert you can get in contact with one of our preer persons whom can be a good and steady person to talk to in a difficult situation. Our peer persons are all heart- or/and lungtransplanted and have experiences that can help you along the way. 

  • We publishes our membership magazine "Organet" once a year. 
  • You can recieve help from our social fund if you are in an acute economical distress due to health issues/transplantation. 
  • Please contact LHL if you want to contribute to the fund or if you want to apply for money from it. 
  • We arranges courses and conferences about beeing heart-or/and lungtransplanted.
  • We facilitate participation in the European games for heart- and lungtransplanted, which takes place every second year. This to motivate for physical activity, which is very important for transplanted people.

Kontakt oss

91 80 59 66
v/Birgit Stræde, 2051 JESSHEIM
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