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Foto: Christopher Olssøn

Rehabilitation at The LHL Clinics in Norway

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organisation (LHL), established in 1943, is a major patient organization in Norway. LHL has 50 000 members who have, or have had, a heart or lung disease.

LHL owns several hospitals and rehabilitation clinics and out-patients centres across the country. A new hospital owned and run by LHL will be operating from 2018. It will be situated close to Oslo International Airport, Gardermoen, easily accessible from the city centre.

World class health care and rehabilitation

The LHL clinics represent world-class knowledge about medical rehabilitation for patients with heart,  lung and other chronic diseases. At Campus Gardermoen and the other clinics in the Oslo area, LHL is able to welcome patients for examinations and analysis at the most modern facilities available, before going to Skibotn for a rehabilitation stay. The Skibotn clinic is able to welcome patients from abroad to one of the cleanest environments in the world, located above the Arctic circle. The fact that LHL has centres all over Norway, makes us in an unique position to give great health care services during the trip.