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E-learning courses in health communication

LHL International have developed three E-learning courses that are available here.

The E-learning courses are for free, but you have to register as a user. You do not have to take the entire course all at once, and the course will remember where you left off. You will get a certificate whe the course is completed. The two first courses are in Norwegian only. 

  • Hva skjer her? Et kurs i tverrkulturell helsekommunikasjon
  • Tuberkulose og smittefrykt
  • Inclusive health communication

This E-learning course is based on a 5 days course that LHL International have held for health workers in partner countries since 2011. The course was revised in 2021, and is now having an extra modul on inclusion. The course is interactive with several exercises and tasks. The course is in English, and will soon be available in Chichewa, Swahili and Arabic. 

The aim of the course is to have good communication between patients and health workers and better treatment outcome, as well as better knowledge about inclusion of people with disabilities. 

The course have 7 moduls: Introduction, Trust, Understanding, Remembering and Motivation, Inclusion,  Emotion and Stress og Goals and Summary.

Duration:  about 2,5 hours

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