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About LHL

LHL is an ideal organization

LHL represents and works for patients with heart and pulmonary diseases in Norway. LHL has 52 000 members and owns hospitals in all regions in Norway. This means that the hospitals are wholly patient-owned.

LHL is a non-profit organization. This means that all financial profit remains within the organization and is channeled to medical purposes. No earnings may be taken out of the organization. LHL promotes the interests of heart and lung patients vis-à-vis Norwegian authorities.

As a hospital owner LHL have extensive services in rehabilitation and medical treatment. LHL has an agreement with the regional health authorities and delivers a material share of public health care services in the fields of cardiac surgery and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

LHL is a democratic organization. Members gather in local teams, which is LHL's foundation organization. The local team is an open and inclusive meeting place for people with cardiovascular disease, their relatives and others that want to contribute to the cause of the organisation. Local teams will build networks by arranging collections, equal opportunities, study measures, proposing user representatives and participating in LHL's campaigns. LHL currently has about 250 local teams.

The National Assembly is LHL's highest authority and is held every three years. The National Assembly's tasks are to draw up the lines for the business, check the results and elect Board, Control Committee and Nomination Committee.

The Board's task is to implement the decisions of the National Assembly, as well as to manage the LHL organization and businesses. The Board consists of chairmen, first and second vice-chairmen and eight board members with eight deputies. In addition, two representatives come with two deputies for the employees.

New LHL-hospital close to Oslo Airport

For historical reasons the hospitals an clinics own and operated by LHL has been located to rural areas. Previously, patients were willing to travel longer for medical care, and they stayed longer at the institution.

In order to be attractive to the modern patient and to grow as a supplier of advanced medical care, LHL has a strategy to move activities from rural to urban locations. The major action in this plan is to merge our heart hospital and our lung hospital and move to a brand new hospital located close to Oslo airport. This makes the new LHL hospital an accessible hospital for the whole of Norway and for patients from other countries.

A flight from New York to Oslo is some seven hours and the hospital is 10 minutes from the airport.