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Foto: Synnøve Nes

Association for Supporting MDR-TB Patients

The purpose of the Association for Supporting MDR-TB Patients (ASPTMR) is to take care of the health-related, psychological and social needs of patients.

By travelling around to hospitals and sanatoriums the Association earns the trust of the personnel. The needs of the patients are surveyed, and the organisation assists with everything from psychological assistance to financial support. Without psychological support, it is very difficult to get well. And without financial support for the poor patients and their families, there is even less of a chance to be able to complete the long and painful treatment process.

ASPTMR has become an important and recognised actor in the field of tuberculosis in Romania. Since February 2013, they have received funds from The Global Fund to engage in peer support work and psychosocial support for MDR patients, so that they complete the entire treatment.

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ASPTMR is a member of Romania’s Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM). The organisation has also been active in the preparation of draft legislation to safeguard the needs of tuberculosis patients.

LHL International and ASPTMR are looking at the opportunities to make a joint contribution to the fight against tuberculosis in Romania. Initially, this involves the mutual exchange of experience and expansion of the capacity of ASPTMR, but we would also like to explore opportunities for joint projects in the future.

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