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PASADA is a Catholic organisation that manages health services from several clinics, in addition to doing outreach work in several districts along the east coast of the Indian Ocean.

The activities in Dar es Salaam were started by a group of HIV-positive individuals in 1992, and they are those who have been there the longest. The group has developed into a recognised actor in the health and social sector.

PASADA stands for Pastoral Activities and Services for people with AIDS Dar es Salaam Archdiocese (PASADA).

Part of the cooperation agreement with Temeke

PASADA provides health services for tuberculosis patients in the Temeke district, and cooperation between LHL International and PASADA is part of the cooperation agreement with Temeke.

PASADA must observe the guidelines that are established by the tuberculosis programme in Temeke, and they use medicines and registers that they receive from this programme.

The organisation follows up several patients with multiresistant tuberculosis after the first phase of their treatment is completed at Kibong'oto, and they cooperate well with the other partners of LHL International in Tanzania.

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Vulnerable groups

PASADA works on both a professional and a humanitarian basis, with major efforts for orphaned children and poor slum dwellers. They also have health services for men who have sex with men, as well as substance abusers. These groups are often discriminated against in society in general, which makes it difficult for them to obtain good healthcare. Many of them are also HIV positive and require regular health checks.

Former tuberculosis patients are engaged through PASADA as treatment supporters for patients who receive treatment at home. They follow up thousands of HIV-positive individuals who require daily medicines for the rest of their lives, and they provide services for many HIV-positive children.

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