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Since 1997, we have collaborated with Arkhangelsk County on a tuberculosis program with a goal of getting tuberculosis infection under control and establishing a collaboration between the health service and the civilian sector. Program evaluation in June 2018 showed very positive results and recommended expansion of the project to other regions in Northwest Russia.

As of today, we have several ongoing projects in Arkhangelsk County, Murmansk County and Komi Republic, as well as collaborative projects with other Norwegian aid organizations working with Russia.

map of Russia

Our partners

Our work is mainly supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Ministry of Health and Care Services as part of the Barents cooperation. We also receive funding from various local teams in LHL, our own foundation and private donors.

In Norway, we have FHI, Gay and Lesbian Health Norway  and Norwegian Church Aid as collaborators. 

In Russia, we cooperate with several different actors, both private and state. Our main partner in Northwest Russia is the Easy Breathing Charity Fund (EBF) in Arkhangelsk, a civil society actor established in 2005 to assist medical institutions with the implementation of the global "Eliminate TB" strategy.

We also collaborate with the public health service in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Murmansk Oblast and Komi Republic, the regional health authorities and the research environment at the State Medical University in Arkhangelsk.

Our work in Russia

Cooperation programs in Russia will ensure better tuberculosis control by providing good information, quality treatment and better follow-up of patients. The program consists of health system development combined with measures to ensure better information about tuberculosis and better social support for those affected. We have several focus areas in our projects:

Competence strengthening of health personnel in modern approaches to tuberculosis

Organization of regional and local TB conferences, courses and seminars, as well as participation in national and international TB conferences for health professionals from regions together with the Medical University of Arkhangelsk and the international specialists.

Patient-oriented treatment

Studying patients' needs and meeting those needs, including social support and psychological rehabilitation is one of the most important paths to a successful treatment of TB.

Early TB diagnosis and preventive TB treatment among high-risk groups and their contacts, new treatment regimens including management of side effects, home-based treatment and Video Observed Treatment (VOT) are components that we implement in our projects.

Electronic information system for TB and HIV IniT-TB

We have prepared in Arkhangelsk and implemented an electronic case-based TB register, compatible with the Russian Federal TB register, which is now also used in other project regions.

It ensures TB patient flow between civilian and prison health systems, as well as regional AIDS center, and monitors all disease categories, diagnostics, treatment regimens and outcomes, HIV data, etc.

Course in effective health communication (HC)

LHL International has developed a course in effective health communication for health workers, where you learn various techniques on how to communicate with patients in an effective way as well as prevent and manage high stress levels. This is a 5-day training with role plays, practical individual and group exercises, manuals in the local language, as well as "Most Significant Stories" - real stories and results that the participants tell 3 months after the course. The course has been our success product for many years in several countries, including Russia.

Model for cross-sectoral cooperation

Strengthening the interaction between medical, social and employment services, individualized social support.

Information work

Targeted information - production and distribution of brochures and other information materials on tuberculosis as well as media campaigns against stigma.

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