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Reducing tuberculosis stigma in Malawi

Paradiso TB Patients Trust in Malawi is changing people’s mindset about tuberculosis (TB), one community at the time. In Ngwenya community in area 24,

Foto: Mukikute

Learning from eachother

You know we learn from those who have succeeded, said Vaileth when starting to explain about how they began their IGA at Mbagala Kizuiani, one of the

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Finding the missing people with TB

The members of the patient organization Mukikute make a great effort to find people with tuberculosis in Tanzania. In 2020 alone, they identified near

I never talked about my TB! Till now

I met Scott Jones at the 1st international Tanga International Competence Center's (TICC) in Tanzania 12-14 June 2018. The theme of the conference was

State-of–the-art treatment of tuberculosis in Arkhangelsk

LHL International and partners in Arkhangelsk, Russia, receives very positive feedback after recent external evaluation. The report document that the